California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

When the CCEE Gets Involved

The CCEE may get involved with a district that is eligible for differentiated assistance in the following ways:

  • After working with a district to identify its strengths and weaknesses, county offices of education can choose to refer that district to the CCEE for extra support.
  • Alternatively, a district has the flexibility to reach out to the CCEE on its own. We will then work with that district and its county office of education to determine the best way to provide extra support.
  • The CCEE never dictates a specific set of interventions or establish top-down directives for improvement strategies. We work alongside educators to uncover solutions, resources or expertise that can help.
  • Our approach is to help build capacity, i.e. the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to make more evidence-based, equitable and collaborative decisions in the best interests of all students.The CCEE specializes in tackling the educational disparities facing students with disabilities, low-income children, English Learners, and foster youth.
  • The CCEE will move swiftly to help support districts, but we believe real change takes time and there are no quick fixes.

Press Releases

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